Peppermint Lite


You’ve loved Peppermint and we’re glad about that.

However, what if you want something simpler? You know, like a straightforward little tool, where you can still click’n’run your scripts, no muss no fuss, but with the power and freshness of Peppermint, at half the price!

You asked us. And we listened.

The easiest and coolest Click’n’Run way to test your scripts!

  • Click’n’Run instantly in the built-in console (user input enabled!)
  • Beautiful editor
  • 2 themes supported (bright and dark)
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Autocompletion + Snippets for easier coding
  • Advanced editing: Multiple cursors, bracket matching, intelligent auto-indent + more!
  • Basic New/Open/Save basic functionalities
  • Customiseable: Line Gutter, Print Margin, Indentation Guides, Invisible Chars, Tab Size, Soft tabs (spaces vs real tabs), Word wrap (wrap limit)
  • Languages supported: Bash/Shell, CoffeeScript (+Node), Lua, Node.js, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby
  • Batteries included: no need to install anything. It just works.