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Peppermint 1.5 beta 9 – Build 3791

Posted on May 15, 2015
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Mac App Store customers: Version 1.5 is not yet production-ready. This is just a pre-release, which – once finalized – will be published to the App Store as well.
Website customers: This is a pre-release so you won’t be able to update from an earlier version. It has to be re-downloaded separately. However, your existing License will still be perfectly valid – in case you want to get rid of the… annoyingly cute “Buy” badge that is…
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  • File Associations: Fix file extensions’ association so that they can be “Open(ed) With…” Peppermint
  • Scala: Fix Run plugin (Issue #49)
  • Integrated LESS: fixed issues with internal Less execution
  • Default (Classic) Theme: Fixed an issue with line highlighting



  • Templates: Enabled custom User Templates (@ ~/Library/Application Support/Peppermint/User/Templates)
  • Tools > Manage Extensions > Reload Extensions: Option to re-load all extensions (themes, specs, plugins, templates, etc) without the need of restarting the app
  • Peppermint Development: Templates added (Plugins, Themes)
  • Peppermint Development: CoffeeScript snippets added
  • Peppermint Development: JSON (info) snippets added