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Peppermint 1.5 beta 19 – Build 4842

Posted on June 26, 2015
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Mac App Store customers: Version 1.5 is not yet production-ready. This is just a pre-release, which – once finalized – will be published to the App Store as well.
Website customers: This is a pre-release so you won’t be able to update from an earlier version. It has to be re-downloaded separately. However, your existing License will still be perfectly valid – in case you want to get rid of the… annoyingly cute “Buy” badge that is…
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  • Workspace: Fixed issue that prevented (externally) modified folders correctly load their contents
  • File -> New: Issue with EditorConfig causing a crash
  • Preview: Fixed an issue making Document-based plugins crash


  • Prototypes: Changed folder structure for Default and User Themes (/Prototypes/<Category>/<Prototype>)
  • Prototypes: Added the ability to create new prototype-based project either from Workspace (as a subfolder) or from the main File menu (as a new project)
  • Preferences: Optimized layout for Editor tab
  • Tools -> Theme Creator: Added “Show Token Tooltips” option to highlight associated classes on hover (Related: Issue #77)
  • Preview: Added ability to download files, while browsing, into local temp folder
  • Search: Added close button to Search Panel (Issue #80)
  • Tools menu: Re-ordered and re-organized items


  • New Plugin: Theme Browser (Easily Browse, Download and Install additional themes)
  • New Plugin: Plugin Browser (Easily Browse, Download and Install additional plugins)
  • SCSS: Added Linter/Live Syntax checking
  • SCSS: Added “Preview” plugin
  • SCSS: Added “Compile” plugin
  • Prototypes: Added ‘Plugin – Preview-based’ prototype (for HTML+Boostrap plugins)
  • EditorConfig support – indent_style, indent_size, end_of_line, max_line_length (Issue #15)
  • Preferences + View: Added New Lines option – Mac/Unix (LF), Windows (CR LF)
  • Added option to filter files (pp_filter_file) per project, using .editorconfig (Issue: #51)
  • Added ability to View PDF files
  • API -> Preview: Added ‘loadPage’ function for loading external webpage into Preview panel