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Peppermint 1.3d is out!

Posted on December 3, 2014
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Mac App Store customers: Version 1.3d will be published as part of 1.4. If you do not wish to wait, please have a look at MAS Customers migration.


  • Python (Run): Script executed with user input, not correctly outputting data — unbuffered execution


  • Preferences Panel – rewritten/redesigned from scratch
  • File Manager: Option to select default spec for new (untitled) documents
  • File Manager: Option to specify default encoding (UTF-8, Windows CP*, Shift-JIS, and more)
  • File Manager: Option to add folders/directories on top
  • File Manager: Option to filter files by regex
  • General preferences: Option to select behaviour on start up (new document / restore previous documents)
  • General preferences: Option to select behaviour on quit
  • Editor preferences: Option to set global font & font size
  • Cleaned up Global Plugins, and hierarchy


  • Share: On Pastie, On Pastie (private)
  • Text Plugin (Global): Spaces to Tabs, Tabs to Spaces, Convert to Uppercase/Lowercase/Titlecase
  • Lines Plugin (Global): Sort Ascending, Sort Descending, Remove Duplicates, Sort and Remove Duplicates, Reverse Order
  • Shell Support – new command line interface (pmint)
  • TypeScript : Preview/Live Preview/Compile plugins added