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Peppermint 1.3 is out!

Posted on November 23, 2014
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Mac App Store customers: Version 1.3 is currently “under review”. If you do not wish to wait, please have a look at MAS Customers migration.


  • Filename not being updated on Window title and Tab title, on Saving As and renaming
  • Issue with CoffeeScript Syntax highlighting, occasionally not correctly interpreting triple-hash multi-line comments
  • “New From Template” not automatically setting active Spec and Syntax Highlighting
  • Issue with Utility view size – not properly splitting editor screen in half
  • Issue with RegEx editor Plugin
  • Issue with $PATH environment not being correctly set
  • Issue with Main Menu headers not appearing right with different color schemes, on Yosemite


  • Clojure integration
  • Plugins run faster
  • Complete rewrite of the API
  • Option to Override default Spec selection for specific file extensions
  • Ability to recognized doubled file extensions (e.g.
  • Option to remove default “Untitled” file from Workspace
  • Python: Bracket/Parentheses/Quotes auto-completion
  • API: Plugins can set their own actions menu, in the Utility View
  • Global $PATH environment variable handling and Node.js/Bash integration
  • Ability to add current document in New Tab, either from the File menu, or with ⌘T


  • Literate CoffeeScript support added
  • Logramm (Learn more here) support added
  • ABAP support added
  • Vala support added
  • Clojure: Click’n’Run added
  • CoffeeScript: Click’n’Run added
  • D: Click’n’Run added
  • Fortran: Click’n’Run added
  • Go: Click’n’Run added
  • Haml: Preview/Live Preview + Compile added
  • Haskell: Click’n’Run added
  • HTML: Live Preview added
  • LESS: Preview/Live Preview + Compile added
  • OCaml: Click’n’Run added
  • R: Click’n’Run added
  • Scala: Click’n’Run added
  • Scheme: Click’n’Run added
  • CoffeeScript: Live Preview + Compile added
  • Markdown: Live Preview + Themes added
  • Assembly x86: Run support added (for NASM)
  • Peppermint Templates added for Peppermint Plugin development
  • Haxe Support added
  • LogiQL Support added
  • AutoHotkey support added
  • TypeScript support added
  • Verilog support added

*Complete Changelog (covers versions: 1.2b, 1.2c, 1.2d, 1.3)