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Peppermint 1.2 is out!

Posted on November 12, 2014
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Mac App Store customers: Version 1.2 is currently under review. If you do not wish to wait, please have a look at MAS Customers migration.


  • Copy-Paste with ⌘C, ⌘V for Terminal panel
  • Selecting text for Terminal
  • API: Issue with @Document.getInfo
  • On “Open with” or dropping onto app icon, open document and expand files in sidebar
  • Issue with “Open with” or dropping onto app icon, and multiple files/folders
  • Window title showing “Unregistered”, even after successfully registering


  • Cleaning up of the API


  • Emmet Web Development Toolkit integration + snippets for HTML/CSS
  • TeX support added
  • GLSL support added
  • Groovy language support added
  • Apache Velocity support added
  • Fortran support (syntax+snippets) added
  • Elixir support added
  • Windows PowerShell support added
  • Node.js integration
  • Ability to add User Templates
  • Plugins can now be written in 100% CoffeeScript
  • Install Theme option, under Extensions>Manage menu
  • AppleScript: Added Debug plugin (output intermediate events/replies to the terminal)

*Complete Changelog (covers versions: 1.1b, 1.1c, 1.1d, 1.2)