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Peppermint Lite – The freshest code runner tool for easy scripting

Posted on November 26, 2014
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You’ve loved Peppermint and we’re glad about that.

However, what if you want something simpler? You know, like a straightforward little tool, where you can still click’n’run your scripts, no muss no fuss, but with the power and freshness of Peppermint, at half of the price, for just 7.49$.

You’ve asked us for that. And we’ve listened.

The easiest and coolest Click’n’Run way to test your scripts!

  • Click’n’Run instantly in the built-in console (user input enabled!)
  • Beautiful editor
  • 2 themes supported (bright and dark)
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Autocompletion + Snippets for easier coding
  • Advanced editing: Multiple cursors, bracket matching, intelligent auto-indent + more!
  • Basic New/Open/Save basic functionalities
  • Customiseable: Line Gutter, Print Margin, Indentation Guides, Invisible Chars, Tab Size, Soft tabs (spaces vs real tabs), Word wrap (wrap limit)
  • Languages supported: Bash/Shell, CoffeeScript (+Node), Lua, Node.js, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby
  • Batteries included: no need to install anything. It just works.